Can I travel by car, train or airplain with my folding knife?

CAR: Up to 11 cm of blade you can carry it for sporting, hunting or leisure activity in which you need to use the folding knife. You cannot take it in the car to go to places of entertainment (clubs, pubs, concerts, etc.), demonstrations or any other activity incompatible with carrying a folding knife, or for personal defense. From 11 cm of blade you can carry it in the car, packaged and with purchase ticket from the store to home or place where it is going to be stored. Remember that if you are of legal age and you buy a folding knife in a Albacete store, they are intervened by the Civil Guard and are totally legal.

TRAIN: Craft items that can be considered folding knives, fixed knives, scissors or swords within 72 hours after their acquisition, a period to be justified with the ticket or purchase invoice, and provided they are duly packed and sealed by the selling store can be admitted through the security control of the train. The person transporting them will be identified.

Folding knives, fixed knives or scissors with less than 6 cm of blade may be admitted in security controls without ticket or purchase invoice.

PLANE: When traveling by plane, remember that carrying any weapon or sharp object is forbidden in hand bag.

Therefore, you will have to carry the cutlery items inside your checked baggage. Preferably well packaged.

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