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The history of the Maserin knives and pocketknives company begins in 1960, in the small town of Maniago (Italy), also known as the city of knives, when the production of high-quality pocketknives and knives began. Maserin, after several years of experience in another local cutlery, decided to create his own company. His first hunting knives were of typical German taste. Starting in 1975, he patented the Jaguar brand and his knives became an example of robustness and sharpness. Maserin continues to run the company like few of his kind. The experience acquired over the years with the aim of satisfying the needs of its customers has led to the creation of robust, quality and reliable knives and pocket knives. The small workshop that he built in the vicinity of the Colvera torrent in Maniago during 1960 has become in these more than forty years a company of more than 3,000 square meters.</ P>

Today, the tradition in the manufacture of bladed weapons of the artisans of yesteryear is still preserved. The Maserin company continues to grow and has achieved international recognition, while maintaining the family tradition, it has reached careful technological levels. Year after year, Maserin progresses to offer innovative security and resistance in its knives and pocket knives to ensure the best performance of these bladed weapons. Maserin works for those clients who love the outdoors and its knives and pocket knives aim to become the indispensable element for any adventure in nature.

Actualización: 24/05/2023