How do you close a Albacete classic knife?

The Albacete classic knife, from the 20th century, is characterized by its unique and original "lever" locking system.

This mechanism consists of a lever tab, which we will have to press forward to lift the spring and thus release the blade, unlocking it.

It is very important to do it correctly, since otherwise, we will damage the system by forcing the lever or the action spring.

To do this, carefully follow our instructions:

1) With your right hand hold the handle of the knife and put your thumb on the lever tab, and with your left hand hold the blade.

2) Then the thumb pushes the lever tab forward and the left hand helps the blade to go down, it may go hard at first, it is normal as it is tightly set by hand so that over time once it is soften, do not take excessive slack and the blade is out of adjustment. It is very important that we help the blade to go down with our left hand, since otherwise we exert all the force just by pushing with the thumb, and we will be forcing the system, which sooner or later will break down, either by overcoming the spring upwards, with which the knife will no longer block or completely breaking the lever tab or spring.

3) When the blade has been unlocked, lower the lever tab back to its initial rest position and finally close the blade completely.

*If you need more information about how to correctly close a classic Albacete folding knife, contact us and we will help you in the process.